About Us


IUEGS-FES is led by a Federal Council, a Federal Board and a Federal Commissioner.

The Federal Council includes representatives of the federated associations. It meets every year, generally in November. The Federal Council has to establish the programme and the policy of the Federation, to decide upon the admission or exclusion of associations, to approve the financial balance of the Federation, to elect the members of the Federal Board and of other groups or work commissions.

The Federal Board includes the Federal Commissioner, the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman and the Secretary of the Federal Council. The Federal Religious Adviser and the Federal Commissioner’s Assistants take part in Board meetings with a consultative vote. The Federal Board takes responsibility for the day-to-day management of the Federation.

The Federal Commissioner has to lead the Federation. He keeps in touch with the various associations, dispatches information, follows the expansion, sets the conditions for fruitful teamwork among the various associations. For this task, he can rely on the work of specific people.

At the present time, the federal tasks are distributed as follows :
Federal Commissioner: Pierrette Givelet (France)
Federal Council Chairman: Attilio Grieco (Italy)
Federal Council Vice-Chairman: Detlef Schmitz (Germany)
Federal Council Secretary: Jeanne Taillefer (France)
Religious Adviser: Canon Vander Perre (Belgium)