It depends on you! If you decide to stay at home or on the beach, if you prefer your egoism, your comfort, your security…, then the WYD will only be a myth, a remote event which does not concern you.

But if you hear the Holy Father telling you: “Dear friends, once again I invite you to attend World Youth Day in Madrid. I await each of you with great joy. Jesus Christ wishes to make you firm in faith through the Church”…

If you consent before hand to the gift of yourself, if you do not belong any longer to yourself but to the others, if you are ready to serve, if you ask to be considered as always on duty…

… then the World Youth Day will become a reality.

Dear young people, the Church depends on you! She needs your lively faith, your creative charity and the energy of your hope. Your presence renews, rejuvenates and gives new energy to the Church.

Benedict XVI would like “all young people – those who share our faith in Jesus Christ, but also those who are wavering or uncertain, or who do not believe in him – to share this experience, which can prove decisive for their lives. It is an experience of the Lord Jesus, risen and alive, and of his love for each of us”.

The FSE relies on you too and offers you the possibility of serving the pilgrims in their accommodation places. Before their arrival, you will spend two days meeting your brothers and sisters coming from twenty associations. Then, during the WYD itself, the duty in the morning and in the evening will be completed during the day by the participation to great events: catecheses in your language, youth festival, welcome of the Holy Father, Way of the Cross, main vigil and final Mass.

So, can you still hesitate? Come in touch with your general commissioner for more details.

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