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Everyone loves video games right? We at UIGSE.org sure do. Video game culture is a very important thing in modern society today because of its spike in relevancy. They went from this thing geeks enjoyed to an international industry that everyone understands, I mean you should just look at the Playstation and Xbox sales to know what we are talking about. It is a huge and diverse place where you could spend your free time. Games as fun as they are, Game Designthe amount of engineering that goes into making a game could surprise you, that is why we will talk a lot about how to make games alongside with everything that goes into them. The same attention to detail goes even to what a lot of people perceive as simple games. Just take a look at some of the most popular casino game titles, and you’ll come to the same conclusion. Some people believe that because many casino games are free that the developers don’t pay much attention to the quality of the product, which is simply not true. The best triple-A titles have a development life of 7-8 years, that is with a huge team of people. These games are massive and every nook and cranny has to look pixel perfect before shipping them out. Everything from artists, coders, animators, level designers, testers and many more roles are being taken so that this project gets done. It is such a huge and overwhelming task that some games don’t ever see the light of day, or as some call it development hell. On the UIGSE website and honoring the actual name, we’d like to go over some of the most important things when it comes to actually making a game.


The user interface is an integral part of every game, you may think that it’s a bit on the simple side but what you don’t know is that it’s quite meticulous to make one, because you have to care for every single detail and word you put in front of the players face. Not to overwhelm them, not to underwhelm them. You have to give the right amount of information on the screen, only the stuff they need at this moment, if you annoy the player with too much information their experience will falter and they will abandon the game in no time. Mini maps, crosshairs, health bars these are industry standards, depending on the game though they can be very essential. There a few rare cases like Mirror’s Edge that literally do not have a UI, this game is developed by EA and Dice studios and it is considered a cult classic because it refused to fit in a mold of game categories, instead it paved its own way, in our humble opinion it should be used in gaming design courses because of the way it feels and manages to look. You should look for good examples in UI in small indie games where they don’t have good graphics but are focused more on gamer experience. Or even better on casino games where UI is everything and it needs to be perfect. If you are interested in making good UI we recommend using the free no deposit casino codes from Caisalamlekcasino and try these games for free.


Graphics are probably everyone’s favorite aspect of a game, and the specialty of the UIGSE website, because it is what you immediately see when you launch the game. It is what keeps your attention, it is what entertains you. Graphic styles vary greatly, but today we are very fortunate to have a ton of artistic games that utilize the hardware of today’s machines to the maximum. To this day we are seeing huge leaps in graphical fidelity, with the newest addition of Ray Tracing we are one surefire step closer to recreating realism. Video gaming today has become an amazing story telling medium because of sophisticated graphics.

Sound FX

Many people will tell you, sound in a game is everything. While it couldn’t possibly be everything, sound is an ever helpful guide to tell us how we are supposed to be feeling in certain moments. Be it a tense scene, combat for example we hear very aggressive music to get our heart pumping, in sad scenes we hear melancholic music. A score can also become very iconic to a certain franchise, Assassin’s Creed immediately comes to mind. That game score become almost bigger than the whole game. Now for actual Sound Effects they need to be kept constrained, it is said that if you notice a sound effect or if it causes irritability, the sound design has failed. That is something that is very well known in sound engineering basics.


Last but certainly not least, video game engine. This software is the most important piece of the puzzle; in fact, it is the glue for the whole puzzles. A sophisticated framework that can be tweaked and modified to infinity just to accommodate the game’s needs. With the rise of Unreal Engine developers saw and seized an opportunity and raised the bar to a forever high. With a strong implementation method, we saw even the most budget restricted titles look like blockbuster games, that’s thanks to very well built engines by programmers. Developing a game without an engine will be a nightmare for everyone. We at uigse.org are developers ourselves and we are always thankful for the way these engines are built. We are even more grateful for the MapleOnlineCasinos site and all of its amazing bonuses that keep the games fresh and entertaining. If you are thinking of catching up on some online casino fun, this is where you should start.

We will go further in-depth with these topics in on the UIGSE website. So we recommend that you stay tuned or bookmarked and join us for a ride into the world of gaming.

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