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Gaming Engines

If you’ve grown up playing video games, it’ll have crossed your mind at some point in dedicating yourself to it. Everyone has at some point had an idea that he considers unique and groundbreaking, capable of selling millions of copies of a title or that can set a precedent in the history of video games.

And while for many this may be a passing idea, you may have decided to move forward in developing your idea and face a complicated task, so to speak, in a kind way. The reality, dear or dear reader, is that, broadly speaking, if you want to develop a game on your own,you will have to elbow elbows as if there is no tomorrow.

In this post you will find some graphic engines for the development of video games, some more complicated, others simpler. The final choice will depend on you, and the desire you put on it, although, as in many cases, the end result depends on the time and the desire you put on it.

Best Graphics Engines to Develop Games

The game engine allows you to create the game itself. Its basic functionality is to provide the game with an engine to render the graphics, whether in 2D or 3D, it also provides a detector of collisions, sounds, scripting, AI… In short, without a graphics engine there is no video game. In addition, the choice of a certain engine means that the process of developing the video game can vary considerably, it all depends on the characteristics of the graphics engine.

As a video game programmer and designer,I should recommend Unity, especially if you’re just getting started. It’s tolerablely intuitive, you have a lot of information and courses at your disposal and a lot of major video game companies already work with this engine. With each new version of Unity, they implement new tools that make it easier to use or add more support for the program.Its main programming language is the C Sharp.

With free deployable tools, such as Fungus, Unity is currently the best choice if you want to get started in the world of video games and have some versatility. As a icing on the cake, it’s free. Some titles developed in Unity are Inside, Pokémon GO or Cuphead.

Unreal Engine

The other graphics engine by antonomasia. This engine was used for the creation of Unreal Tournament, and was focused on shooters. As in Unity, you’ll need to have programming knowledge to get all the juice out of it. Many companies use it to develop their titles, and some games created with this engine are the Bioshock trilogy, Gears of War, Batman: Arkham Asylum or the well-known Mass Effect.

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